About Open Field

Open Field is a digital magazine. Issue One is readable on iPad. Issues Two and Three can be read on iPad and iPhone. The magazine is a collection of creative work (stories, photographs, poems, a song) from across the globe. It can be downloaded from the iTunes store by clicking on one of the covers to the right.

All contributors to Open Field are women and all proceeds go to the charity CARE (minus only the iTunes fee.)

Why did we decide to make Open Field? Three reasons.

One, we learned that when you assist women and girls in developing communities (which CARE does) you have an effect on the lives of everyone around them. We donated money to several charities that advocate this approach, including CARE who explain it better than we can.

Two, we realised if we made something wonderful to sell we could donate more money. So we asked several dozen amazing women to donate work about something that changed their lives, so that we could – together – assist a charity in changing other women’s lives.

Three, we have few practical skills. We’re not the go-to people if your roof is leaking or your livestock are unwell. What we can do is bring together clever people and work with them to produce an intelligent and interesting publication. And we know when to stand aside, listen and learn. We’ve learned a lot lately by reading about the places in which CARE has a presence.

Since releasing the first issue of Open Field we’ve learned more about digital publishing, too. So while our first issue is available for iPad, the next two issues can be read on iPad and iPhone. This is good for readers but the point was to make it more widely available so we could – hopefully – raise more money for CARE. So far, so good. We’re aware that these formats may not be the best way to go longterm and are exploring different ways we can offer Open Field in the future.

Everyone involved with the creation of Open Field has given their time and talent in a spirit of breathtaking generosity. We are grateful that women of such calibre are willing to be involved with us: for the most part we were strangers to them. We are grateful to readers, also, for purchasing Open Field.

Should you wish to learn more about the incredible work that CARE does (now that you’ve donated to them), please visit their website.

Should you have any questions about Open Field, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Open Field Team:
 The Royals, www.theroyals.com.au
Editor Kirsten Alexander, kirstena@mac.com
Designers Pam Batstone, Fiona Lewis
Technologists Pan Demosthenous, Giovanni Ferron
Multimedia designer Ken Sum