Lucy McRae’s Swallowable Parfum

  • Posted on 29th March 2013
Lucy McRae’s Swallowable Parfum

Amsterdam-based Lucy McRae is an incredible body artist who allowed us to feature some of her photographs in our first issue. Lucy recently launched her latest creation: Swallowable Parfum.

She describes it as ‘a cosmetic capsule that releases fragrant molecules through the skins surface upon perspiration, emitting a biologically enhanced odor.’ Her parfum works from the inside out, so that ‘the body becomes an anatomiser, signaling a new cycle of evolution.’ It is as startlingly original and elegant as all of Lucy’s work.

Lucy crafted her parfum in collaboration with Harvard synthetic biologist Sheref Mansy. This short film offers more information.

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  1. Swallowable parfum – what an incredible concept! I’m heading on over to watch the film soon as I’ve devoured this issue of Open Field.

  2. It’s amazing isn’t it? She’s an incredibly creative woman.