Liza Donnelly Releases Women on Men

  • Posted on 18th February 2014
Liza Donnelly Releases Women on Men

The wonderful New Yorker cartoonist/Forbes writer/TED speaker Liza Donnelly – who shared both an essay and some of her cartoons with us for Issue One of Open Field – has released a new book. It’s a collection of her cartoons called Women on Men. We love her work so wanted to share this news with you.

Her publisher says:

As thoughtful as it is funny, Women on Men can be read as satire, provocation, aphrodisiac, love song and lament. Read at random or from front to back, it is sure to delight all who open its bright pages…

You can find Women on Men at Narrative. (If you haven’t heard of them, Narrative is the book division of Narrative magazine. They publish books in all formats, including paper!)

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